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Socovol, Chile

Country Chile
Customer Socovol

the Customer

SOCOVOL has more than 20 years of experience in industrial design, manufacture, and industrial assembly work for in applications in mining, petrochemicals, industry, water filtration and water reuse.

the needs

The customer requested a reduced concentration of suspended solids in cooling tower water lines. The cooling tower is exposed to external environments, causing particles to accumulate in the cooling water, which leads to decreased efficiency in the heat transfer.

the Solution

Mayan’s automatic filtration system removes suspended particles above 200 microns to allow for increased efficiency of the cooling system. This translates to a savings in money and water.

Technical specifications

  • Automatic disc filtration system for 30 m3/h at 200 micron
  • 2×2” automatic Helix disc filters with total filtration area of 3240 cm2
  • 2×2” Bermad flushing valves
  • 3” poly manifolds
  • couplings
  • auxiliary filter (for the command system)
  • manual ¾” valve
  • pressure gauges
  • command tubes and connectors
  • system support
  • Talgil 1-10 24VAC flushing controller
  • Baccara GEMSOL 24VAC solenoids
  • pressure differential switch
  • downstream sustaining 3″ Bermad valve

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