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Zoglobeck, Israel

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Country Israel
Customer Zoglobeck

the Customer

A veteran in the Israeli food industry, Zoglobeck produces meat products for the Israeli, European, and American markets.

the needs

The customer requested a solution for cleaning the glycol stream (used as a cooling fluid in the production process). One of the challenges was the inability to dilute or discard the glycol (with flush water).

the Solution

Mayan developed a custom-built system consisting Mayan 5 micron automatic filter, pneumatic valves, and PLC with a custom operating system. The working principle of the multistage system was to (1) use condensed air to drain the glycol out of system and back into to glycol tank, before flushing. (2) Flush with a water and air combination for optimal flushing, and (3) use compressed air to drain the water out of system, so the glycol would not be diluted before (4) returning to filtration mode.

Technical specifications

  • Modular or custom
  • pump
  • pnueumatic valves
  • PLC and HDMI

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