The Azud Helix Automatic 4DCL in-line self-cleaning equipment with disc filtering elements and 3” and 4” valves. Suitable for a maximum flow of 768 cubic meters per hour (per battery).

The Helix system optimizes performance and energy savings and minimizes the frequency of backwashing, thereby saving water. A patented design and high-quality materials used in manufacturing guarantee maximum safety and extended life with high resistance. The modular configuration allows design options based on customer preferences or available space.

  • Automatic operation: 110 VAC, 220 VAC or 12 VDC.
  • Special options available for extreme pressures (low, high) and water conditions (sea or saline water, potable,  acidic). Possible to perform backwashing with compressed air, minimizing water loss during backwashing.
Helix Automatic 4DCL


Self-cleaning filtering element. Maximum water savings and efficiency in backwashing.

Large filtering area and wide range of filtration grades. Discs from 5 to 400 microns adjust to variety of applications.

Low maintenance. No tools required for maintenance. Maximum resistance with movable parts not susceptible to wear due to continuous operation.

Modular. Versatility, compatibility. Allows for a wide range of flow rates and configurations using a minimal number of components.

High-quality manufacturing. High-density polyethylene manifolds for maximum resistance and durability.

Easy transport and installation. Pre-assembled equipment; fairly compact.


The Helix Automatic Disc Filtration System backflushes one unit at a time while the rest of the units continue to filter.

Filtration stage: Water entering the filter enters through the Helix device, generating a centrifical effect that pushes particles in the water away from the stacked discs. Water passes through the grooves on the surface of the discs, leaving fine particles in and between the grooves.

Backflushing stage: Filtered water is introduced from the opposite direction through the filtering element structure, decompressing and spacing the stacked discs, which causes perfect cleaning of the discs’ grooves.

Solids expelled from the discs are evacuated through the drainage manifold. Filtration begins again with compression of the discs.

Backflushing is controlled by integrated drainage valve and a controller.

4DCL Technology


Units in System Filters 4” Model Max. Flow m3/h
4 4DCL4/6FX 160
4 4DCL4/8FX 192
5 4DCL5/6FX 160
5 4DCL5/8FX 240
6 4DCL6/8FX 160
6 4DCL6/10FX 288
7 4DCL7/8FX 300
7 4DCL7/10FX 336
8 4DCL8/8FX 300
8 4DCL8/10FX 384
9 4DCL9/10FX 400
9 4DCL9/12FX 432
10 4DCL10/10FX 400
10 4DCL10/12FX 480
11 4DCL11/10FX 400
11 4DCL11/12FX 528
12 4DCL12/10FX 400
12 4DCL12/12FX 576


Model Sketch Helix Automatic 4DCL 2

Available filtration grades (Micron)

  • Optimal flow depends on water quality and filtration grade.
  • DLP filtration system working pressure 1.5–6 bar. Standard filtration system working pressure 3-10 bar.

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