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Watertech RW is a recycled water plant that reuses treated wastewater, industrial process water and drainage from hydroponics. It disinfects by oxidation with ozone or UV radiation and filtration of particles through a bed of flint and anthracite or disc filters.

The Watertech RW plant is delivered fully assembled on a metal cabinet.



Standard Features
  • Silex and anthracite media filtration removes suspended solids larger than 30 microns
  • Ultraviolet disinfection eliminates bacteria and pathogens from the filtered water
  • Measurement and control equipment for substance injection into the system, PH and EC control and other substance level controls.
  • Electrical panel and automation and control system for water pumps, dosing pumps, air pumps, CIP processes, valve openings and more
  • Framework, piping and electrical connections to sustain all components, connect and operate all mechanical end electrical components
  • All systems are tested with water before they leaving the manufacturing site