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The Watertech OSM SOX/SOW/SSW water desalination plant provides desalinated water for irrigation and industrial use by converting brackish or sea water through revese osmosis (RO) membranes.

The RO process applies high pressure (osmotic pressure) on a solution with a high concentration of salts that comes in contact with a semipermeable membrane. This reverses the natural process of osmosis to allow the passage of water and retention of salts and results in fresh (salt-free) water.


Solution (Applications)


Design Criteria
  • Highest performance per cubic meter. Optimized energy savings so highly economical.
  • Guaranteed maximum protection. Detection and protection system ensure optimal functioning of the plant, thereby preventingunnecessary stoppages and the need to change damaged parts.
  • Simple operation. Intuitive programming and display indicate the state of the plant at all times.
  • Compact system. Designed to occupy a small space.
  • Modular. Adapts to installation requirements simply and economically.
  • Treatment stages. Pretreatment, high-pressure pump and frequency converter, reverse osmosis membranes, flushing system.
  • Technical assistance and service. For correct design, start-up, maintenance and staff training.
Technical Specifications