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Azud Watertech DWE is a mobile, compact and autonomous drinking water plant that guarantees a high-quality potable water supply to decentralized villages, temporary settlements and temporary emergency centers. It is designed to operate with extraordinary energy efficiency to permit the use of renewable energy resources.

  • Advanced filtration and disinfection treatments guarantee the quality of potable water regardless of the supply’s water quality (fresh, brackish or sea water).
  • Designed to remove high loads of suspended solids due to the patented Azud Helix Automatic prefiltration disc system.
  • No need for chemicals reagents and unnecessary consumables that generate cost.
  • Fully autonomous operation maintains water quality and protects equipment. No need for permanent staff.
  • Compact, modular plant, with simple and immediate installation and operation. No civil engineering and no setbacks.
  • Especially designed for air transport and all-terrain ground transport.
  • Includes batteries that guarantee the autonomy of the plant for 24 hours, maintenance free. Guaranteed lifetime of 10 years.



Design Criteria

The purification techniques employed depend on the type of problem or pollutant detected. Typically, in the same water treatment plant, different technologies combine in such a way to ensure gradual and selective water treatment. Each technology “protects the rear”, allowing each to function solely on the technical pollutant for which it was designed, and together provide a comprehensive solution.

Technical Specifications