Watertech DW RO



The Azud Watertech DW SOX/SOW/SSW drinking water plant uses reverse osmosis (RO) membranes to desalinate brackish or sea water and provide potable water for towns and industries. RO membrane desalination removes dissolved pollutants (mineral salts, heavy metals, pesticides, radioactive elements).

  • More energy efficient than other desalination systems (distillation).
  • Physical-chemical pretreatments and automatically scheduled preventive actions prevent RO membranes from clogging with suspended solids, salt precipitates and/or biologic soiling.
  • No need for chemicals reagents and unnecessary consumables that generate cost.
  • Fully autonomous operation maintains water quality and protects equipment. No need for permanent staff.
  • Compact, modular plant, with simple and immediate installation and commissioning. No civil engineering works and no setbacks.



Technical Specifications