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Semiautomatic Screen Filters (Premium Line)



With its wide filtering surface, the Azud Modular 300 Spiral Clean filter delivers optimal filtration quality and safety in a low-maintenance product. Ergonomic design enables easy and quick cleaning, without disassembly or stopping the filtration operation.



  • Modular. Versatility and compatibility. Allows for a wide range of possibilities using a minimal number of components.
  • Wide filtering surface. For maximum filtering.
  • 100% effective, easy cleaning. Screen is fully scanned and cleaned with a single movement of the handle.
  • Non-stop, efficient operation. The filter is cleaned without the need to disassemble or stop the water supply.
  • Water and energy saving.
  • Guaranteed high quality. Manufactured form thermoplastic material.
  • Low maintenance. No tools required. Maximum resistance, with no moving parts susceptible to wear.
Model Model /
Max. flow
Semiautomatic-Screen-Filters2inches  2″  30
Semiautomatic-Screen-Filters2inches-super  2″ Super  30
Semiautomatic-Screen-Filters3inches 3″ 50
Semiautomatic-Screen-Filters3inches-super  3″ Super  50
  • Optimal flow depends on water quality and filtration grade
  • Available with DPI or with Pressure check point




The Azud Modular 300 Spiral Clean filter has a large surface screen filtering element and specially designed nozzles. During the flushing cycle, the rotatory (spiral) movement of the handle enables the nozzles to scan 100% of the screen to suction and remove the particles that have accumulated on the screen and expel them through the drain at the bottom of the filter.

Technical Specifications