AGL Series (Economy Line)



The new Azud AGL Series of manual filters are manufactured with a hydraulic design that minimizes head loss to save energy and optimize performance. Made from thermoplastic, AGL products are resistant to most of the chemicals used in agriculture.

AGL delivers maximum safety and quality in filtration, requires minimum maintenance and is highly efficient, even under demanding operating conditions.



  • Modular. Versatility, compatibility and easy maintenance. Allows a wide range of flow rates and configurations using a minimal number of components.
  • Largest filtration area of its kind.
  • Wide range of filtration grades. Available with either discs or screens
  • Threaded tightening nut and locking system. Very resistant to variations in pressure and temperature.
  • Equipped with pressure gauge intakes.
  • 3 inlets/outlets. BSP, NPT or grooved connection options. Filter can be installed in any position.
  • Depressurization valve. Lid incorporates an auxiliary ¾” thread for installing depressurization valve and emptying the filter.
  • Robust design. Base and lid manufactured from high-quality thermoplastic.
  • Easy installation, handling, maintenance. No tools required for maintenance.

Model Model / Diameter Max. flow m3/h
AGL-2 2″ 30
AGL-2_S 2″ Super 30
AGL-3_S  3″ 50
AGL-3 3″ Super 50


  • Optimal flow depends on water quality and filtration grade





Discs Filter: During the filtration process, water passes through the grooves on the surface of the  discs, leaving the particles in and between the grooves.

Its simple and safe structure dramatically reduces maintenance requirements. No tools are required for filter maintenance.

The optimized locking system of the thread makes the filter highly resistant to sharp changes in pressure and temperature and prevents deformations in the filter body.

Screen Filter: With a screen filter, water flows out from the inside of the filtration element, leaving the particles on the interior surface of the screen.

Technical Specifications