300 Series (Premium Line)



The Azud 300 Series includes our Premium Line filters with screen and disc filtration elements. The disc filter, with its Helix centrifugal action device, delivers optimized performance and reliability in a low- maintenance filtration system.



  • Modular.Versatility and compatibility. Permits a wide range of possibilities with a minimal number of components.
  • Maximum reliability. Sturdy design and materials guarantee long life and high resistance.
  • Large filtering surface.
  • Wide range of filtration grades. Available with either discs or screens
  • Exclusive butterfly closure system. Allows for easy closing, with even pressure and decompression on the filtering element and disc stack. Two stages when opening the filter element for convenient maintenance.
  • Water and energy saving.
  • Robust design. Manufactured from thermoplastic material.
  • Low maintenance. No tools required.
Model Model / Diameter   Max. flow
300series2inches 2″  30
300series2inches-super 2″ Super 30
300series3inches  3″ 50
300series3inches-super 3″ Super 50
300series4inches 4″ 70
300series4inches-super 4″ Super 100
6″-Super_new 6″ Super 100
  • Optimal flow depends on water quality and filtration grade




Discs Filter: Water entering the filter enter through the Helix device generates a centrifical effect that pushes particles in the water away from the stacked discs. Water passes through the grooves on the surface of the discs, leaving fine particles in and between the grooves.

Helix technology has two major advantages:

  1. Decreases the frequency of backwashing, thereby minimizing the amount of water used
  2. Allows discs to “concentrate” on removing finer particles

Screen Filter: With a screen filter, water flows out from the inside of the filtration element, leaving the particles on the interior surface of the screen.

Technical Specifications