100 Series (Economy Line)



The Azud 100 Series is a range of lower flow disc and screen filters manufactured in high-quality thermoplastic for high resistance and maximum durability.

Quality and reliable filters ensures easy, simple maintenance for a wide variety of filtration applications. Suitable for maximum flow of 25 m3/h.



  • Wide range of filtration grades. Available with either discs or screens. Screen filtering element available in plastic and stainless steel.
  • Large filtering area. Reduces the frequency and level of maintenance. Discs and screens can be easily removed for cleaning.
  • Threaded closure system. Disc filtering element with threaded closure ensures easy handling to maintain compression and prevent accidental disc loss.
  • Auxiliary connections. Threaded connection on the bottom of lid allows for easy draining or pressure relief. Equipped with pressure gauge intakes.
  • Gasket set in the lid. Prevents loss or wear during maintenance.
  • Resistant to chemical products. Special gaskets available.
  • Robust design. Base and lid manufactured from high-quality thermoplastic.
  • Easy installation, handling, maintenance. No tools required for maintenance.
Model Diameter Max. flow
100_¾”  ¾”  5
100_1  1″ 6
100_1 Super  1″ Super 10
100_1½  1½” 14
100_1½ Super   1½” Super 20
100_2  2″ 25
  • Optimal flow depends on water quality and filtration grade.





  1. Manometric intakes
  2. BSP / NPT connection
  3. Closure system
  4. Modular filter (interchangeable elements in different grades)
  5. Filtering surface
  6. Auxiliary connection
Technical Specifications