Luxon LKM



Azud Luxon LKM Automatic Screen Filters with brush cleaning and electric operation designed to filter heavy loads and large suspended particles in a variety of filtration grades.



  • Versatile. Sizes from 6” to 20” (150 mm to 500 mm).
  • Wide filtration range. Screens from 200 to 4,000 microns.
  • Large screen surface.
  • Resistance. Cleaning mechanism with highly resistant rotating brush and electric propulsion
  • Reliable. Operates in temperatures up to 60 °C (140 °F).

Azud Luxon filters continue to supply filtered water without interruption during the flushing cycle.

Filtration stage: Water flows into the filter through the inlet (1) and enters the internal space of the filter element. The water then passes through the screen (2). Particles remain on the inside of the filter element (screen). Filtered water flows out through the outlet (3).

Backflushing stage: When the pressure differential from inlet to outlet (ΔP) reaches the pre-selected level, the flushing cycle starts. The electric propulsion turns the brushes (4) that brush the captured particles from screen. At the same time, a hydraulic valve opens in the drain port (5), which creates a “suction bell” above the brushes, transporting the particles into the waste flow and expelling them out the drain port (5).

The length of the flush cycle is pre-determined by the control unit. When the cycle is complete, the flush valve closes, the brushes stop turning and the flushing ends. The flushing process uses a minimal amount of water.