Helix Automatic 200AA



Azud Helix Automatic 200AA filtration range is designed for applications where it is necessary to minimize the volume of water used during the self-cleaning process.



  • Energy efficient. Backwashing is performed with compressed air, leading to minimal water consumption during the flushing cycle.
  • Large filtering area and wide range of filtration grades. Discs from 5 to 400 microns adjust to variety of applications.
  • Low maintenance. No special tools required for maintenance. Maximum resistance with movable parts not susceptible to wear due to continuous operation.
  • Modular. Versatility, compatibility. Allows for a wide range of configurations using a minimal number of components.
  • High-quality manufacturing. High-density polyethylene manifolds for maximum resistance and durability.
  • Easy transport and installation. Pre-assembled equipment; fairly compact.
Units in System
Filters 2”
Model  Max. Flow
 1 201/3FX AA 24
 2 202/3FX AA 48
 3 203/3FX AA 72
203/4FX AA
 4 204/4FX AA 96
204/6FX AA
 5 205/4FX AA 120
205/6FX AA
6 206/6FX AA 144
7 207/6FX AA 168
8 208/6FX AA 192
208/8FX AA
9 209/6FX AA 216
209/8FX AA
10 210/6FX AA 240
210/8FX AA


  • Optimal flow depends on water quality and filtration grade.
  • The system require air pressure supply at site.