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Sheet metal greenhouses can be used for applications ranging from irrigation huts to housing for filtration heads and fertilizer tanks; to storage sheds for tools, machinery, agricultural products; to a central location handling fruits and vegetables. Depending on the enclosure, these durabale structures can also be used as offices or garages.

The materials used for their assembly are typical of those used for the structure of a multi-tunnel greenhouse. Therefore, the standard versions of these structures share the same widths (6, 8 or 9.6 meters). Tunnels of the desired length can be built adjoining each other.

The roof and walls are fixed to the structure by bolting to the longitudinal belts to ensure an excellent fastening.

  • 6-meter model can be supplied with a peaked roof; accepts installation of sandwich board for insulation and sealing (roof and walls)
  • Roof material: shallow corrugated galvanized sheet metal
  • Walls: pre-lacquered sheeting
  • Non-standard widths can be manufactured upon request
  • Different colors available to reduce the environmental impact

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