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The Helix Automatic DLP system adapts to installations where pressure conditions are limited to the self-cleaning system, reducing the pressure and water amount needs during backflushing to optimize the filtration process and improve overall energy costs.

The Helix centrifugal action device optimizes performance and reliability in a low-maintenance filtration system.



  • Self-cleaning filtering element. Maximum water savings and efficiency in backwashing.
  • Maximum reliability. Sturdy design and materials guarantee long life and high resistance.
  • Large filtering area and wide range of filtration grades. Discs from 5 to 400 microns adjust to variety of applications.
  • Low maintenance. No tools required for maintenance. Maximum resistance with movable parts not susceptible to wear due to continuous operation.
  • Modular. Versatility, compatibility. Allows for a wide range of configurations using a minimal number of components.
  • High-quality manufacturing. High-density polyethylene manifolds for maximum resistance and durability.
  • Easy transport and installation. Pre-assembled equipment; fairly compact.



Filtration stage: Water entering the filter enters through the Helix device, generating a centrifical effect that pushes particles in the water away from the stacked discs. Water passes through the grooves on the surface of the discs, leaving fine particles in and between the grooves.

Backflushing stage: Filtered water is introduced from the opposite direction through the filtering element structure, decompressing and spacing the stacked discs, which causes perfect cleaning of the discs’ grooves.

Solids expelled from the discs are evacuated through the drainage manifold. Filtration begins again with compression of the discs.

Backflushing is controlled by integrated drainage valve and a controller.