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“I decided to establish Mayan in 2009 after decades of experience in the water and filtration industry, in order to provide clients with personalized, creative and smart service, without compromises and no shortcuts.”

Mayan Watertech, owned by Tamir Shemer – one of the most well-known professionals in the water filtrationindustry in Israel and abroad, is an Israeli company that specializes in consulting and customizing products in the areas of water transport systems, industry, mining, water desalination, sewage, agriculture and gardening.

Our company works with the world’s leading manufacturers and is the exclusive representative of Spanish company AZUD, one of the leaders in the areas of irrigation, filtration and water treatment.

In a world controlled by large monopolistic corporations, Mayan Watertech was established from the belief that there is a need for an independent company which can guide its clients quickly towards the best solution while maintaining core values.


We feel it is important to maintain freedom of thought and any new need is a challenge for which we recruit the world’s best companies, combined with our proven experience in the field.


We do not believe in selling fantastical stories, rather we believe in getting mud on our hands and telling the truth as it is. We are in direct contact with our clients. No middlemen.


All the systems we provide are customized to the client’s requirements and supplied according to specifications with full warranty.


Above all else, we are a group of people that find it imperative to maintain kindness, courtesy and mutual respect with our clients, suppliers and partners.


In addition to the company’s extensive operations in Israel for complete filtration solutions, we also provide professional consultation and business development for companies and industries in Latin American countries and Asia, and we specialize in the planning and management of projects in the areas of water, irrigation and comprehensive solutions for agriculture, in various countries worldwide.

Our company’s clients, which include international corporations, receive service and support from the industry’s leading professionals.

Among our company’s clients in Israel are several Kibbutzim, crop fields, growers, packaging plants and many companies.